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Beautiful vintage and second hand pieces

At P.J. Steel, we stock more than just brand new designer jewellery. In fact, we cater for all tastes and budgets by providing vintage jewellery and second hand pieces. From cufflinks and rings to watches and bracelets, we have something for everybody.

Vintage jewellery

We all know how fashion moves in cycles, and at P.J. Steel, we have a huge collection of vintage jewellery that is back in style. We have a huge collection of vintage bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and more just ready for you to try.


Our team are happy to help you choose from our large collection, and to advise you as to what vintage bracelets, rings and other items will complement your style.

Save money with second hand jewellery

A range of budget jewellery is also available in our second hand jewellery section. All pieces that we stock are checked for authenticity, polished and refurbished to look brand new.

Get stunning vintage jewellery in Chatham. Call us today on:

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